Our staff is passionate about creating conversations that inspire students to follow Christ in every aspect of life. Our chapel presentations are uniquely designed to spark interest, offer authentic Biblical wisdom, and encourage student to reflect on their relationship with Christ & Culture. Our goal is to momentarily come alongside the mission of your school to empower your students to practically live out their faith.


Creative Minorities & Culture 

For the past two millennia Christians have been some of the most creative and powerful influencers in Western Culture. However, since the rise of secularism through the Enlightenment, believers have become less & less relevant to broader culture movements. 

Like the exiles in Babylon, students today need to know how to live faithfully as Daniel & his friends did. We read in Daniel 1:8 that they "resolved" to embrace their God-given identity in a culture that intended to pacify their Jewish roots. In the same way, we challenge students to embrace their identity in Christ in order to walk faithfully in today's world.

Millennials & Tech: a modern liturgy

Today's Generation of students have never known life apart from being connected to the internet. In fact, the average age of student getting their first smart-phone is 10 years old. Although technology is able to provide some pretty cool gadgets these days, we are rarely provided any information on how to use it in a healthy way. 

 In this conversation, we want students to discover all that God has to offer in this life -apart from their smart phones. Our goal in this presentation is to offer insight on the trends of digital addiction & simultaneous inspire students to embrace the abundant life Christ has on offer for us. Powerful, Practical, & Interactive, this presentation is highly engaging and insightful.



Diversity & The Kingdom God

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods.” -Psalm 96:3-4

It is easy to brush over this topic with wide strokes and generalities, but at it's core it is an issue in our culture and our churches. Many of us don't know how to approach the topic without feeling uncomfortable or uninformed, so we avoid the tension it raises.

However, the desire of God is for us to be unified in Christ with our cultural & ethnic differences. In this conversation we approach the subject of diversity with great humility and compassion by honestly reflecting on the historical trends of prejudice in American Culture and then equip students to think biblically about loving their neighbors well.

Tailored Presentations

Our team is always exploring the trends of culture, which makes us aware of the issues that young believers struggle with today. Because of this, we often teach students how God's Word is able to speak into our lives and empower us to follow Jesus in a way that is winsome and full of integrity. 

Our holistic perspective of Christianity means that we want students to think honestly about how we can honor God in all aspects of life. Invite our team to speak on any topic that would be most beneficial for your students today.