Ocean of Fantasy, Stream of Love

“Ocean of Fantasy, Stream of Love”


Captain’s Log (while he is still at sea and losing hope at the great darkness of the deep)

By: Ben Reagan

Sail down the weathered submerged mountains

Facing feelings you never wished to know

Traversing oceans you always feared to go

Waiting with bated breath as you hear the same old crow

Calling, squawking, begging for the faint murmur of the deep

The sweet siren’s song pretending it’s fulfilling

That desperate clutch of the ship’s side

When the Kraken of reality gouges out the dreams in your eyes

Fantasy, dear one, mere fantasy

And that is all you are left with

Alone in your fantasy

Alone in your cave of pretend meaning and wonder




Ancient currents bring you to the bottom

As you drift further








But Light is with you still

The daylight shines through cracks in your soul

Hold onto hope for hope is your anchor

And I am your heart

The great lover of all that thou desirest but thou aren’t

You are the faint mist I long for, always on the edge of my wandering mind

Running from the edges of my forgotten time

Grasp my hand, friends of my home

You are my love, and you are His own

Even though we travel wide and far

We’re always one in the great Ocean’s one heart

Follow my voice as your breath leaves your body

The tide may break your bones

But it can never change these tones

The lonesome melodies mixed with interludes of light

The loveliest of pleasures floating once again into sight

Grasp my hand, my captain

And crew, grasp my heart

For I was weak and weary from the start

But You are strong

And together we are one

Hunt my dark heart

Give me a sign

Give me another dance in this great love I long to find

Caring for all those souls washed up on depression’s shore

All those anxious, yearning for yet a drop of something more

More than the salt water of modern meat and mead

But for a sweet drink of pure oceans

And the one Love-filled stream