Childlike Adulting

Leyda quotes M.I. Wilkins who says, “Childlikeness is a characteristic of all true disciples, because it is only through God’s mercy that a person can enter the kingdom and find the greatness that comes from having one’s sins forgiven and being invested with kingdom life (p. 613 qtd in Leyda, 325)”. Thus, as Christians, it is exactly our acknowledgement of our lowliness that lets us see our need for him.

Jesus' Command: Our Culture's Taboo

esus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). Christ commanded his disciples to disobey our cultures rule of self-obedience. From major life decisions to minor life decisions, God calls Christians to consistently deny themselves.

Christians and Mental Illness

As I got older, my parents got divorced, and I struggled with body image issues, and my anxiety went through the roof. My family knew that something was wrong, and I was very resistant to outside help. I thought that good Christians should not struggle with anxiety, that if I had more faith I could just make it all go away

Creating Communities of Grace

The most important and most foundational is practicing the art of listening. While it may sound simple at first glance, the kind of listening I’m referring to here rarely happens naturally in our culture. I’m talking about creating a space where people genuinely find that their voice is being heard. This king of listening is a discipline.

Learning from Culture: A Lesson from 'Hamilton'

When cultural phenomena happen, we have several options of how we are going to respond: condemn, critique, copy, or consume (Andy Crouch, Culture Making). The danger, however, comes when we only view culture through one of these lenses (Andy Crouch, Culture Making). Therefore, there are aspects of culture that we should be willing to view with an open mind because they can ultimately have a positive impact on culture.

The Intimacy of Art: How Christians Connect Creatively With God

Many times, I’ve written poems and songs to express my feelings towards God and find His help in the midst of them. These times of crying out to God in my darkest points and reminding myself of who He is, is the very essence of art. Art is a conversation with our Creator. Art is rekindling the fire of passion we once had for Him.

Dethroning 'Me'

Selfishness –it’s been around for a while, dogging our footsteps and pulling our chains. The millennial generation is often called‘The Me Generation’ but they are not the only ones that struggle with being selfish. The very first self-centered lie which fell on our forefathers’ ears, “You will be like God,” caused a chain reaction that still shakes our world.

Hey Church, We Need to Talk

Therefore, the church no longer means “fellowship of believers” but rather a building that we go to for an hour or two on Sunday mornings to get enough of Jesus to last us through the week. Maybe that’s our problem, our culture has redefined church to make it mean something that it was never intended to. The church was never meant to be a building, it was never meant to be all about us, the church was always supposed to know God and make Him known.