Christopher Yuan

What is a gay man’s role in the church?

Christopher Yuan, speaker, author, and Bible teacher, is a man who’s journey has taken
him from academia’s best and brightest to prison and eventually into the arms of Jesus.

His parents were first-generation immigrants from China who raised him with traditional Chinese
values. He abandoned them after he was suspended from his university, a mere three months
away from receiving his doctorate, for drug possession and distribution. This, however, did not
stop him from continuing in his preferred lifestyle. Yuan sold drugs on a mass scale and spent
his free time in clubs hooking up with men and getting high. When he was eventually caught
possessing the street equivalent of nine tons of marijuana in his apartment, he was sent to
prison. While there he discovered he was HIV positive and at the lowest point in his life found a
bible in the trash which changed him forever. He became a believer and follower of Christ.

Now he tours the world, along with his mother, sharing his story with whoever will listen.
He advocates for the gospel’s call to all people to be holy, and for what this holiness looks like
on all fronts. He is particularly vocal about the topics of “sexuality, singleness, addictions, HIV
and the gospel,” because of where he has been on his life’s journey.

He has recently signed—and vocally supports—the Nashville Statement; given his
struggles with same-sex attraction, his story offers a unique perspective on the issue. He signed
it “for the sake of gospel clarity among evangelicals;” he believes the document is an accurate
assessment of the biblical position on issues of gender and sexuality. He affirms that God loves
people with gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction and his grace covers all stripes, but he
does not approve of all actions. There has been some significant bite-back against the
statement itself but Yuan welcomes questions and interaction from all sides. He believes that
remaining firm in biblical truth is crucial and that it must be communicated with love to all
people, particularly to those who have similar struggles to his own. He has found his role in the
church to be the same as everyone else’s: to spread, with love, the saving truth of Jesus Christ
to the world.