Challenge and Acceptance

Challenge and Acceptance

The Christian is left in the middle of this postmodern society that begs our tolerance of any and all behaviors, and we wonder what to do to be the most Christ like, and show love to people without turning a blind eye. In our culture, acceptance equals condoning, but if we accept people like Jesus did, we can show people a love and grace that transcends “tolerance” of behaviors, and allows them to be challenged to a life that pleases God.

A Single Man's Guide to Relationships

A Single Man's Guide to Relationships

I think being in a relationship is like a writing a novel. You become inspired with the idea for your story and at first writing it can be easy, but once you realize you have to finish the whole thing you’re like “what the heck have I gotten myself into?” Anyways, I think dating and marriage have a lot of stigma today so I want to share some of my thoughts on them. I hope it helps.


The Gospel According to America

In the past few years, Christian leaders like Platt have challenged Americans to consider how cultural worldview impacts our understanding of the gospel. Entire books have been written and studies has been constructed to explore how values that have become deeply rooted in society, the values that drive social behaviors and expectations, shape spirituality.

What is a Real Man?

  The idea of masculinity is complex and often paradoxical. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing. A blanket statement cannot be made to define what is masculine and what is not. Men are unique and different from one another. Throughout this article, I will present two extreme examples of masculinity and then attempt to nail down a Biblical definition of masculinity that takes the positives from both extremes but meets somewhere between the two.

Childlike Adulting

Leyda quotes M.I. Wilkins who says, “Childlikeness is a characteristic of all true disciples, because it is only through God’s mercy that a person can enter the kingdom and find the greatness that comes from having one’s sins forgiven and being invested with kingdom life (p. 613 qtd in Leyda, 325)”. Thus, as Christians, it is exactly our acknowledgement of our lowliness that lets us see our need for him.

Jesus' Command: Our Culture's Taboo

esus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). Christ commanded his disciples to disobey our cultures rule of self-obedience. From major life decisions to minor life decisions, God calls Christians to consistently deny themselves.

Christians and Mental Illness

As I got older, my parents got divorced, and I struggled with body image issues, and my anxiety went through the roof. My family knew that something was wrong, and I was very resistant to outside help. I thought that good Christians should not struggle with anxiety, that if I had more faith I could just make it all go away

Creating Communities of Grace

The most important and most foundational is practicing the art of listening. While it may sound simple at first glance, the kind of listening I’m referring to here rarely happens naturally in our culture. I’m talking about creating a space where people genuinely find that their voice is being heard. This king of listening is a discipline.

Learning from Culture: A Lesson from 'Hamilton'

When cultural phenomena happen, we have several options of how we are going to respond: condemn, critique, copy, or consume (Andy Crouch, Culture Making). The danger, however, comes when we only view culture through one of these lenses (Andy Crouch, Culture Making). Therefore, there are aspects of culture that we should be willing to view with an open mind because they can ultimately have a positive impact on culture.