Bryan College Service Day: Cedine Bible Camp

The Worldview Initiative was blessed and certainly challenged on our assignment for Bryan College Service Day. We were privileged to  serve, at Cedine Ministries-Bible camp, helping them preserve their shore with a rock wall.

Widow's Harvest:

The Worldview Initiative had the pleasure of hearing from Andy Mendonsa from Widows Harvest. He discussed at length the Biblical responsibility that believers have for caring and supporting widows and orphans. He urged us that if we want to fulfill our calling and be Christ’s Church, we must live out the exhortation of James 1:27 “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Andy made the point that the reason we’re called to care for widows and orphans is because they are a physical embodiment our spiritual condition without Christ. The Fall divorced us from God and made us orphans to our true Father. And yet, even though the Bible clearly states that the Church must care for widows and orphans, our ministries often neglect those that the Bible explicitly calls us to tend to. His words were incredibly challenging and it’s our hope that we can use Andy’s wisdom so that we might help inspire others to live lives holistically submitted to Christ. The following Saturday our team had the opportunity to put these lesson into practice. We partnered with Widow's Harvest to re-roof the home of a local widow in the Chattanooga area. We encourage you to begin to integrate serving widows and orphans as an important foundation for a pure and undefiled religion. If you are interested specifically in working with Widow's Harvest contact,


Coffee & Conversations: Rosaria Butterfield

Our team was recently blessed with a visit from Rosaria Butterfield to our campus. The evening she arrived we had coffee & conversations encompassing historical background of homosexual culture, the toxicity of an identity placed in sexuality, and the responses needed by the body of Christ. It was awakening and refreshing for our campus to discuss the LGBTQ community guided by Rosaria's unique experience and wisdom. The event opened the door to many challenging conversations across our campus.

Chambliss Center Community OUtreach

Our team had an incredible experience working with the kids of Chambliss. Many of these children have single parent homes who do everything to make ends-meet. Our hearts were overwhelmed by the opportunity to simply spend time with these kids who are filled with so much joy despite their circumstances. The Chambliss Center is a phenomenal ministry and we would highly recommend serving with them! 

Distraction: Escaping the mundane | Nov 19 2016

This year our team hosted an event that brought over half of our campus together to celebrate the creative gifts and talents he has given us... but most students came for the chemex coffee ;)

Jon & Val Guerra | Sep 14 2016

This September we had the pleasure of hosting Jon & Val on our campus to discuss the role that Christians need to embrace in the Creative Community. Our Coffee + Conversation allowed for students to consider how their artistic gifts can serve the community of Christ through their vocation and service!